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Comfortable and fast

Order a taxi in Warsaw, Krakow or another city is now possible with a few touches - using our mobile application.

Many taxi drivers

If you want to book a taxi in Warsaw, Krakow or other major cities in Poland - we will always serve you.

Taxi in phone

With our Android and iOS apps, you can call a taxi for a few seconds, anywhere, anytime.

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Order a taxi in Poland

Shark taxi app: your driver is always online

The rhythm of modern life is extremely fast.Thats why it is obligatory to change daily taxi services in the cities.

Forget about this long boring attempt to call the operators just to order a taxi. Moreover - futile attempts to explain where to give the car exactly, why the tariffs so high, this tiresome waiting minutes, when the driver finally goes to your building.

Thanks to Shark's services, that's all in the past. Take this challenge, check it out!

Why Shark Taxi?

Now, with the help of application, your driver is located a few clicks away from you.

No exaggeration: at Shark Taxi, we already have hundreds of professional drivers in all major Polish cities. You can be sure: by ordering a taxi in your city, the driver will arrive on time in a few minutes and you will enjoy a comfortable ride to your destination. We take the challenge to provide you with comfort ride in affordable price, which will punctually brought you to the destination of your city.

How to order a cheap taxi online?

Order a Shark taxi online is as easy as never before. Even if your GPS loses contact, the driver will still know where to find you because you can mark your location in the application. Overmore, you do not have to wait for a connection with the operator, spend additional costs and spend a lot time to make a taxi order. At Shark, you can order a taxi quickly and inexpensively.

Order a Shark taxi online through the application!

Simply download the Shark Taxi application on your mobile phone. You can find the application on the App Store for Apple or for Android on Play Market. Log in to the application via your mobile phone and check the available services. After logging in to the Shark application online - you will find access to all services, route map, route, prices for services, direct contact with the driver, a list of all your trips and many other options. Manage your jorneys through the application, choose the best prices online. Do you have a planned trip and you can not be late to the airport? Our drivers are distinguished by punctuality. Are you planning to move? You will find a car of a larger size regardless of the number of people or luggage.

We take the challenge to make every customer's life easier. Thanks to the online application you can choose many additional services for every occasion.

10 additional Shark Taxi services that will make your life easier:

  • Taxi booking.
  • Courier services.
  • Sober driver.
  • Transport of animals.
  • Long-distance journeys.
  • Taxi to the airport.
  • Nameplate at the meeting.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Car seat for children.
  • Technical assistance.

Punctuality of our drivers and passengers comfort are the key features of Shark Taxi. That's why you have a large number of cars to choose from at an affordable price. Check it out now in your application.

5 different classes of cars at your disposal:

1. Economy class.

2. Standard class.

3. Comfort class.

4. Universal class.

5. Minibus.

Thank you for your feedback!

We highly value the opinions of all our clients and we try to bring all wishes to life.


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