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The Shark mobile taxi app allows you to order a car at any time of the day, just a few touches.

Order a taxi in Lodz

What can you count on when you are ordering a taxi in Lodz?

Did it happen in Łódź that you were on the road with a driver who does not know exactly what punctuality is? There are not enough class of cars in the city? Prices in Lodz for convenient travel are often inflated. Sure, you do not want to spend huge costs when after all attempts to order a taxi - dirty car arrives. The number of similar situations is surprising. Unfortunately, the quality of the service is not always reliably adjusted to tariffs. At current prices for taxis, drivers must be perfectly familiar with the route and choose the best option for the passenger.

Inexpensive taxi travels in Lodz are not dreams, but reality.

Shark Taxi ready to take on this challenge! Do you think that comfortable traveling will always involve spending a lot of money? Now you can afford to drive the city due to your goals at very low prices. Our service in Lodz takes into account all your needs. You are going to the city for a party or you have a train - we know that you will make it on time! We care about your wishes so you can always contact us or leave feedback.

How can I order a Shark taxi in Lodz?

It's easy! There is no more calling to operators and waiting for a response from consultants! That is why our prices are exceptionally pleasant. All orders are processed by applications in which you have direct contact with your driver. Our services in Lodz are available to you after a few clicks. All you need is a mobile phone, this online access, the other things application will do for you.

The most innovative platform for ordering taxis in Lodz.

Do you have a mobile phone with you? Cool. Install our app, which you can find online at Play Market or Apple Store. Register in the system and place your first order. Cheap taxis in Lodz are already waiting for you. Manage your order, view information about drivers, cars, and completed journeys. Choose additional services, type of transport, number of people, time and place where the driver will be waiting for you. The quickest way to find a taxi in a city with good prices is the Shark Taxi app.

10 services that the Shark team in Lodz has prepared especially for you:

1. Taxi booking. We know that punctuality is important in your life and you like to plan everything.
2. Courier services. We will take care of your comfort and provide everything you need.
3. A sober driver. Someone has a birthday today? Have fun, our driver will lead your car instead of you.
4. Transport of animals.
5. Long-destancr journeys.
6. Taxi to the airport.
7. Nameplate.
8. Air conditioning.
9. Child's seat.
10. Technical support.

Autopark, which will surprise even the most demanding customers in the city of Lodz.

Depending on the purpose of the trip, the number of people - we will find the best transport for you. A ceremony, a return from an event or a trip with your family - we always have cheap solutions for you:

  • Economic class
  • Standard Class
  • Comfort class
  • Universal class
  • Minibus

Thank you for your feedback!

We highly value the opinions of all our clients and we try to bring all wishes to life.


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