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The Shark mobile taxi app allows you to order a car at any time of the day, just a few touches.

Order a taxi in Poznan

Problems and inconveniences that everyone encountered at least once while ordering a taxi.

We know that you have not always been able to order a taxi in Poznan without following obstacles: no free cars, an inflated price, a driver who did not know the route or smoked in the car. Sometimes it can not fit all your stuff or the car just arrives in the wrong condition. The tariffs could be better, and the driver could be more punctual and attentive to your needs. Consultants who asking the address for the several times do not know either the name of the city streets or current prices. A cheap taxi in the city of Poznan seems to be a challenge that not every company is ready to take.

Shark Taxi in Poznan takes up every challenge

An attractive price for a comfortable ride is our main challenge. We want Poznan citizens to enjoy an inexpensive taxi in every district of the city and at any time. Now you can afford everything: order online as soon as possible. You need to make it wherever you have planned visits, meetings, birthdays, interviews. Or maybe today scheduled dinner with parents or shopping before Christmas. Plan with us. Book a taxi for every occasion in Poznan and Shark will help you be everywhere first.

How to order a taxi at a good price?

A large number of things to do? You do not know if you can make it? Thanks to Shark services, you'll be able to travel anywhere without spending huge costs. Now you do not have to:

  • call the consultants,
  • wait for the connection,
  • to spend huge costs,
  • be late because of not punctual drivers,
  • checking the route for each trip.

To order a taxi for a good price you must have a mobile phone with this online access. All our services in Poznan available in the application.

Cheap taxi in the city of Poznan, which you order through application.

Check if you are online. If you're online - install our application for Android or Apple. Go to your Shark app and start managing! Choose a destination, car type, accessories, many other options. Thanks to the application, you can adjust the journey in Poznań, find responsible car driver for your own needs. And what is important: you will do it super fast and at very low prices. In the application you always have direct contact with the driver, thanks to which you check the route, reduce the cost, travel time increases your comfort. It is important to have a mobile phone and be online! The other things are on us!

10 additional options in Poznan, which we have prepared especially for you!

  • Taxi booking. Because we know that you are planning your time.
  • Courier services. Because we know that you always need something, but you can not have time for it.
  • Sober driver. Are you after the party and you came on your own car? We'll get you home!
  • Transport of animals. Our smaller friends also deserve a comfortable ride.
  • Long-distance journeys. We will take every challenge at a reasonable price.
  • Taxi to the airport. Because we know that punctuality is the most important thing.
  • Nameplate. Because we want you to find us quickly.
  • Air conditioning. Comfort and convenience in everyday life are very important.
  • Child seat. Because we also care about the safety of children.
  • Technical assistance. Because we always wait for a message from you.

Autopark in Poznan
Inexpensive taxi rides in your city is not everything what we have! Now in Poznan, you can individually choose a car depending on the occasion, the number of people, the amount of luggage and just just due to your humor :) The number of transports to choose is very large, we develop our range for your comfort.

  • Economic class
  • Standard class
  • Comfort class
  • Universal class
  • Minibus

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