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The Shark mobile taxi app allows you to order a car at any time of the day, just a few touches.

Order a taxi in Warsaw

What's wrong with taxis in Warsaw?

Each of us at least once had a problem with ordering or catching a taxi on the streets of Warsaw. This driver who always stands next to the train station or next to the airport and ready to go, offers incredibly high prices, but if you want to save your money and order over the phone - you never know what kind of taxi will find you, will the driver be kind and understanding, if he knows the route - or maybe again he will drive the city through the navigator and be late for the place of destination again?

Why can you trust us?

Szark Taxi is something peculiar to every person in Warsaw who values his own comfort! You can choose a taxi that suits you for just a few minutes. We know how important punctuality is because we created a unique service at a very reasonable price. What can you expect from our service?

  • Innovation - the ability to order a taxi from any device online or by phone, it is important that you have our application.
  • No matter you want to order taxi through the application, using a mobile phone or other gadget - you will always do it on time.
  • We know that Warsaw is not a cheap city, but here we can also surprise you! Prices in the capital have never been so nice. Make an order through the application and you will see that a comfortable ride in the capital city can be inexpensive!

Just in a moment you will be in your travel!

How can you order our taxis? That's easy! If you prefer to use the application and find a punctual driver within a few minutes - download application and you will never have any problems finding good prices for comfortable journeys in Warsaw. We also do not exclude that you will have the desire to visit our website. On the website you can check the price, available services, leave reviews and also find additional information.

Is the application really so fast?

Our clients in Warsaw are increasingly choosing a mobile application for ordering a taxi. The application will automatically find out where you are and find the perfect route for you at any time of the day. You just have to be online and enter the destination in your application, and our driver is ready for you. Shark Taxi will calculate the shortest route of the city by itself and make sure you reach the desired corner of the capital just on time!

10 additional services that will make your life in the capital easier!

Pleasant tariffs and respectful attitude to the customer is not everything. Warsaw is a unique city, therefore we offer you unique additions:

  • Taxi reservations. Because we know that you are planning your time.
  • Courier services. Because we know how it going is with the post office.
  • Sober driver. Are you after the party and you came by your own car? We'll get you home!
  • Transportation for animals. Our smaller friends also deserve a comfortable ride.
  • Long-distance journeys. Because we take every challenge.
  • Taxi to the airport. Because we know how important punctuality is for you.
  • Name plate at the meeting. Because we want you to find us quickly.
  • Air conditioning. Because we want you to feel comfortable.
  • Car seat for your child. Because we also take care of children.
  • Technical assistance. Because we always ready to help you.

What can we offer you?

  • Economy class
  • Standard class
  • Comfort class
  • Universal class
  • Minibus

Thank you for your feedback!

We highly value the opinions of all our clients and we try to bring all wishes to life.


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