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The Shark mobile taxi app allows you to order a car at any time of the day, just a few touches.

Order a taxi in Wroclaw

Wondering how not to be late for a meeting at another end of the city?

It's hard to be sure for hundred percent that a taxi you accidentally hit in Wroclaw guarantees punctuality and comfort while traveling. The car will not always be clean and tidy, and the price for the kilometer will suddenly increase. The city is not that big, but not every driver knows the route and respects your time. Everyone is unique and has their own needs, flavors, but will another company take up the challenge to provide its clients with the highest quality of service? Wrocław is a dynamically developing city, that's why we improve our services and we give you the opportunity to make your order quickly and use taxis that suit your needs.

Why is the Shark Taxi service better than others?
Our mission is very simple! Passenger’s comfort, punctuality of drivers, reasonable tariff - what could be better in Wrocław than services created specifically for your convenience? We want you to complete all your plans, that's why our services exist. Inexpensive journeys are not our last challenge! We at Shark Taxi want you to be everywhere on time, and the prices for a taxi must allow you to do that. We value your opinion and we are always waiting for ideas on how we can develop our services in this city so than our clients will be fully satisfied.

How to order a taxi in Wroclaw?
You do not have to wait for the connection with the operator to place an order! We respect your time, that's why you can order a taxi in beautiful Wroclaw in a few clicks using the app! We do not have telephone consultants, which in turn gives our clients the opportunity to travel at very low prices. All you need to have is a mobile phone with online access.

The app for your travels is Shark Taxi.
Wrocław is a peculiar city, that's why we have created an application where you can quickly make your order without spending unnecessary costs and start traveling through the city comfortably with us! In the application you have all the information about planned travels. You can check the route, choose the right car or other additional services depending on your individual needs. The app helps you to keep in touch with the driver because orders are processed so quickly! First, download your app to your mobile phone or other gadgets. And now when you are online, make sure that taxis in Wroclaw can be affordable with high quality services for a wide range of cars.

10 new options in Wroclaw for you and your family!
1. Taxi reservation.
2. Courier services.
3. A sober driver.
4. Transport of animals.
5. Long-distance journeys.
6. Taxi to the airport.
7. Nameplate at the meeting.
8. Air conditioning.
9. A car seat for a child.
10.Technical support.

Taxi park in Wroclaw - our next challenge.
See in the application what we have on offer for you! You can choose the right transport for every occasion in the city. The number of cars is always growing.

  • Economic class
  • Standard class
  • Comfort class
  • Universal class
  • Minibus

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We highly value the opinions of all our clients and we try to bring all wishes to life.


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