Taxi order application

The Shark mobile taxi app allows you to order a car at any time of the day, just a few touches.

Working in a taxi Shark

Download the app!
Download the app!

To download the application, open Play Market, then search for Shark Taxi - Driver, then you have to go to the application page and press the "install" button.

To update the application in the future, go to the chapter "My applications" and then press the "Update" button.

Familiarize yourself with the application!

After the installation is complete, you will see the following window when you open the application.

The interface has a set of elements described below:

  • Enter: from this point you use will enter the system and start to execute orders after registration.
  • Registration: in order to start working in the Shark Taxi system, first of all, you have to go through the registration procedure in a given chapter.
At the bottom, the contact button is located with the technical support department. You can contact technical support at any time by sending a message or calling.
Familiarize yourself with the application!
Register now!
Register now!

After pressing the "Registration" button, you will go to the appropriate chapter.

In order to pass the registration procedure in the system, you have to do a few simple steps:

  1. Enter your personal details: upload a photo, enter your name, date of birth, your city.
  2. Add a photo of the car, choose from the falling list the model, manually enter the year of production of the car with its registration number.
  3. On the next screen you need to select additional services that you can offer to customers. The number of selected options has a direct impact on how many orders will be available to you.

At the final stage, enter the mobile number and press the button to receive the activation code. Enter the code, received in the SMS, in the appropriate place and press "Register.

Congratulations! The registration procedure was completed successfully.

End of registration.

After completing the registration you have to wait a bit before you can start accepting orders.

All applications are moderated in manual mode, therefore, normally, you must wait about two hours.

If all entered data is correct, and moderator does not have any additional questions to you - you will soon receive a message confirming that the registration has been completed successfully.

In case of need for corrections or additional information - our operator will contact you.

Moderation takes place around the clock. The maximum time of consideration - day from the moment of application.

End of registration.
Log in to the Shark Taxi app!
Log in to the Shark Taxi app!

To proceed with the execution of orders, enter the system. Enter the contact telephone number, press "Receive code". After receiving the SMS, enter the code in the right place - now you can proceed with the orders.

Remember: if you change your mobile phone or phone number, you will have to re-enter the system before you can return to the fulfillment of orders.

Attention! You can not work using one profile, simultaneously on several devices.

The main screen of the application

After switching on the application and entering the main chapter, the screen of your smartphone will present the main screen. Here you can check the orders available at the moment.

The main screen interface combines the following buttons:

  1. "Available" button: presents your status and availability to perform the order. If you press this button, your status will change to "Busy", and you will not receive more information about new orders.
  2. Orders 68/1: displays the amount of orders in your city. The first number is the total number of orders carried out in your city. The second - the number of orders available for implementation.
  3. Driver's badge, this number 455, says: 455 Shark Taxi drivers are currently working in the city.
  4. In the upper right corner there are buttons necessary to go to other chapters of the programs menu. You can also switch chapters with your finger from the left to the right.

Available orders are displayed in the appearance of the list by the distance from you. The nearest are at the top, the furthest - at the end of the list.

The main screen of the application
Detailed information about ordering.
Detailed information about ordering.

Click on any order to get access to additional information.

  • # 4017542: registration order number;
  • Button "Accept the order": by pressing, you accept the order, you inform the system about the commencement of the order;
  • Navigator: builds a route on the city streets from you to the customer and from him - to the destination.
  • Show route: displays the route from your car to the point on the screen where you must pick up the customer, and the route from it to your destination.
  • Increased tariff (for example + 4%): Price formation is based on all order information. The price is imposed on the price depending on the weather, the state of the route, the city load. If you have accepted orders with an increased tariff - you will see this in the details of the order.
  • Accepted: fixed time when you accepted the order.
  • At the location: displays the time when you informed the customer that you are in place and you can take him to the destination. Also, there is a time when the system automatically informs the customer.
  • Picked up: the time when, by using the "Picked up" button, you accepted that the customer had already arrived in the car
Preparation for work
  1. Make sure your car is absolutely operational.
  2. Check the gazeline level: you must be at least one-third full.
  3. Make sure your car is clean inside and outside. Also check if there are no foreign objects in the car (in the trunk as well).
  4. Windows, thresholds and handles must also be clean.
  5. The air must be fresh. Unpleasant odors are not allowed.
  6. The external appearance of the driver must be clean and tidy.
  7. The car must wait for the customer at the exact address, taking into account all the options selected by the customer.
  8. Lateness is forbidden. If this happened, you must apologize to the client on behalf of the company.

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